Field-fresh produce is the cornerstone of Gooseberries as a destination market that carries only the best. Our produce buyers are first to market every day to keep our stock fresh and to find produce at its peak in seasonal flavor. Try some while you're in the store and you will see what we mean. Locally grown produce will be available to you as it becomes available to us, and when it comes to variety, you'll find more at Gooseberries, especially in natural and organic produce, than at any other market in the area.

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As frequently and quickly as possible, we take local produce from farmers and stock our shelves. The only way it could be more fresh is if you grew it in your backyard.

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Year round we carry a wide choice of organic fruits & vegetables.

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In July keep an eye out for our famous Michigan Blueberries, picked, packed, and trucked to Burlington still warm from the sunshine.