Our Story


-1912 - Albert T. Spiegelhoff started as a farmer and ran a milk route near Lake Geneva. He started working for Jerome Mutchler, within 2 years he became a partner and then bought out Mutchler.


-1914 - A.T. Spiegelhoff purchased Mutchler Grocery on Pine St.

-1918 - A.T. Spiegelhoff bought the Nic May meat market and combined the stores.

-1920 - Spiegelhoff's moved to Chestnut St. 

-1938 - Ralph Spiegelhoff was taken on as a partner by his father.

-1940s - Store was enlarged by tearing down an icehouse and adjoining building and adding on.

-1955, March 3rd - Albert T. Spiegelhoff passed away and the store was passed on to two of his sons, Ralph and Paul, who became equal partners.

-1970 - Tom Spiegelhoff, Ralph's son, purchases his father's partnership and is now partners with his Uncle, Paul. Tom specialized in the management and cutting of the meat department. Paul supervised the rest of the store. 


-1977, February - Spiegelhoff's vacated the building which housed the family business for over half a century and moved to the former Red Owl Building on Milwaukee Ave. This move tripled the size of their store. The Spiegelhoff's now operated under the Roundys lable.

-1985, November 14th - Spiegelhoff's host their first wine-tasting seminar at Veterans Memorial Building.

-1985, December - Plans are drawn up for the Fox River Plaza, and among the stores is a brand new Pick'n'Save operated by the Spiegelhoff family. 

-1986, March - Spiegelhoff's Shoprite receives it's first low of license.

-1986, May 8th - Ground is broken for Fox River Plaza.

-1986, November 15th - New Pick'n'Save opens in Burlington.

-1986, November - Spiegelhoff's Shoprite closes its doors, and continues to operate the Pick'n'Save location. 

-1990, June - 10,000 square feet of floor space was added at the Burlington Pick'n'save.

-1993, February - Spiegelhoff's introduce electronic coupon program as well as started to accept ATM and Credit cards.

-1995, April 23rd - Half million dollar renovation was done to the Burlington Pick'n'Save.

-1996, March - Spiegelhoff's open the Waterford Pick'n'Save.

-1998, October 25th - Burlington Pick completes new remodel includes historical photo mural, and hire Chef Mike Lavin.

-1998, May - Spiegelhoff's buy land to build new Walworth store.

-1999 - First catering event under the name Courtyard Catering.

-1999, October - Walworth Pick'n'Save opens.

-2002, April - Burlington Pick’n’Save remodel.

-2005, February - Spiegelhoff’s purchase Roger and Marves in Kenosha. 

-2006, June - Gooseberries grand opening!

-2012, September -Burlington Chamber Of Commerce awards Dave and Kathy Spiegelhoff the annual Service Award.

-2014, August - David Spiegelhoff is awarded the Wisconsin Grocers Association Excellence in Operations. 

-2014, October - The Spiegelhoff Family celebrates 100 years in business.

-2017, September - Gooseberries renovation.