Artisan breads, freshly baked rolls, and delightful treats galore in the Gooseberries bakery. Everyday we bake our breads fresh in-store! Just like the Muffin Man on Drury Lane, we bring you an amazing selection of artisanal-quality baked goods daily. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a box of doughnuts, cookies, brownies, or one of our specialty sweets. If you’re living gluten free, have no fear! We have gluten free treats, call ahead for availability. 

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Donuts, donut holes, coffee cakes, cookies, kringles, cinnamon rolls, brownies, etc... We have it all!

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Freshly baked breads featuring sourdough, neo-tuscan, rye, pumpernickel, wholegrain, cinnamon, Italian, french, and many other varieties.

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Hotdog buns, brat buns, hamburger buns, bolillo, German water rolls, potato rolls, kaiser rolls, hard rolls, butter flake rolls, and many other varieties are baked fresh daily. 


*24 hours notice is preferred for large orders*