Shrimp Fest!!

December 14th -20th
Gooseberries Whole Beef or Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Fillet $10.99 lb.

Gooseberries Angus Strip Steak or Roast $8.99 lb.

Gooseberries Angus Boneless Regular or Garlic Ribeye Steak or Roast $11.99 lb.

Cold Water Lobster Tails 3-4 oz, 6-8 oz. $24.99 lb.

King Crab Legs $14.99 lb.

In the Shell Scallops or Blue Point Oysters $1.00 each

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apple fest
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 Shrimp Fest!!

 12 Roasts of Christmas Available starting December 14th

 Holiday Surf N Turf
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